“I am pregnant for Rev Victor Githu” 21 year old now says


Hellen Mhuni has accused Kenya’s youngest Reverend of impregnating her. The 21 year old lady who has now been taken to a psychiatrist for a mental checkup narrates how she met Reverend Victor Githu on Christmas day, checked in at Lazarus restaurant in Nairobi before meeting at an undisclosed¬† location in Ruiru.

“Reverend Victor Githu is the only man I had a steamy encounter on that day. The Reverend is responsible for this pregnancy”¬† Hellen Mhuni told a journalist.

Victor Githu’s family has rubbished the claims, calling for the arrest of the 21 year old.

“It is absurd an adult wants to accuse a minor of something very silly. Police should apprehend this woman for questioning ” Victor Githu’s mother quipped.


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