Kenya’s youngest Reverend heals two coronavirus patients with the Holy Ghost fire


10-year-old Reverend Victor Githu has left tongues wagging in Kenya moments after he healed two coronavirus patients in Juja

The Man Of God is said to have administered the holy spirit in the head of Mr. Titus Kwarola and Eugene Kimani, his adherent followers.

Shortly after the incident, anxious Kenyans are reported to have queued for the line so that they may receive their blessing from the Reverend.

“I have almost two hours here queuing for the Reverend to unleash God’s blessings on me. I am ready to do anything humanly possible to achieve this even if it means tithing handsomely” a random Kenyan spoke to reporters.

Medics in the country are yet to confirm if Mr. Titus Kwarola and Eugine had initially tested positive for coronavirus. Detectives have launched a manhunt against the two for questioning.


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