“My wife was impregnated by Abenny Jachiga before his demise” Man decries,wants Kenyans to intervene


Amos Amunya has exposed his wife as being dishonest and telling lies about him when she carried someone’s child even before the demise of popular Ohangla musician Abbeny Jachiga.

Mr. Amunya has accused his wife of infidelity saying that the daughter they gave birth to was not his and that the wife was pregnant before his first sexual encounter with her.

“Before I engaged her in the sexual act my wife had Abbeny’s kid because I loved her I just wanted us to get married and I raise the kid but deeply I felt so bad.” Mr Amunya Narrates

He said that out of love, he decided to stay with the kid and bring her up as his own daughter.

“Out of the love I had for the lady, we decided to settle down and even go for a honeymoon at Dunga Beach. I had no personal feelings about that because any child is a blessing from God.” He said

The 47-year-old said that it reached a point when he could no longer sustain all the hurting after their daughter started ailing off very strange diseases.

He said that he managed to cope up but was deeply hurting and needed time and a break from the affair with his wife Lina Okwara.

Mr. Amunya claims that she has since forgiven his wife for cheating on him and everyone should now move on with their lives.


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