Tension as Abenny Jachiga’s voice heard in coffin saying ‘let me out’-Funeral postponed


Tension was high in Chiga, Kisumu County as the body of musician Bernard Onyango Obonyo, popularly known as Abenny Jachiga was allegedly  heard in the coffin shouting ‘let me out’

The police had difficult time controlling thousands of mourners who accompanied the convoy that transported the body of the musician from Port Florence Hospital Mortuary.

There was also the sound of knocking on the coffin as the popular musician continued shouting: ‘LUANG’NI MARIEK DHO E GLAS MAR MOO MAR KICH,OK EI CHO,NYABONDO?’ a popular Luo proverb that can loosely be translated to ‘A clever housefly dies in a glass of honey, not in the toilet’

Thousands of mourners, who trekked during the more than 20 kilometers. At the home, there was heavy police presence.

On Thursday, the musician’s fans thronged Kisumu’s Port Florence Hospital to just to view the body of the Ohangla maestro. Emotions were high as the fans ran, rode and drove to Kisumu’s Port Florence Hospital to catch one last glance of the musician.

The rowdy crowd prompted the hospital’s management to lock the gates and call the police to control the mourners. The fans ended up clashing with the police on the Kisumu-Busia road.

In the ensuing melee, the mob brought down a section of the perimeter wall at the hospital’s mortuary.

The young musician was well-known for his hit song “Mano Kasinde”, which talks about how men lie about their lovers, describing them as cousins.




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