“Atwoli was broke when I allowed him to escape with my virginity” Mary Kilobi tells off loose Kenyan women


KTN’s Mary Kilobi now says that she has a feeling that people want her to get another husband and get married again.

The celebrated media personality says she cannot walk out on her husband as he was broke when he allowed him to escape with her virginity.

“If my husband could be mean, he would be nowhere to be seen after escaping with my dignity” Kilobi explained.

The 35-year-old reveals that in the recent past many Kenyans on social media have convinced her that it a divine role for her to be married to a man of her age before things get sour.

” What God Has Put Together Let No Man Put Asunder. It is very absurd that those I call my close associates want us to separate so that they can take the position I am enjoying” the 35-year-old Kilobi stated.

In a reiterated statement that has elicited mixed reactions in the country, Kilobi told off critiques  “I love Atwoli, he is a caring man who is always there for me. Given another chance, I will still fall in love with him.” Yet when Atwoli first proposed to her, she turned down the offer.

“Age has never been a key consideration in a relationship. Let nobody the elderly lecture me, not the wamlambez jokers” she added.

She describes the COTU boss as a responsible man who comes home straight from work unlike other men who are always confusing their partners.

The couple now plans to buy a mansion in Loresho. Atwoli won Kilobi’s heart in 2016.


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