Just In- Otile Brown rushed to hospital -Levitra overdose


Popular artist Otile Brown has been rushed to MP Shah Hospital this morning after taking an overdose of sex stimulant drug alleged to be Levitra.

Levitra is 6 times stronger than Viagra. The artist who was having ‘good time’ with her slay queen in one of the lavish hotel in Westlands is said to have used the sex stimulating substance to intentionally impress the young lady.

He “intentionally” took too much Levitra, reportedly in an attempt to impress his lady with his sexual prowess. Doctors found Otile’s penis to be inflamed, fractured and showing signs of gangrene.
“The patient showed bruising on the left testicle and penis, was treated and is recovering well,” Dr Seth Ouma told the reporters.

Medical professionals from the MP Shah hospital, where the vocal artist is being treated, warned locals to not use penis-enhancing drugs without a prescription to avoid incidents like this.


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