“I brought HIV into my matrimonial home after sleeping with Maraga”Mary Kwamboka Onyancha narrates


Mary Kwamboka Onyancha claimed she met Chief Justice David Maraga in 2013 during a church function and they started a relationship little did she know it was the start of a plague in her marriage.

“I am very bitter right now. My¬†marriage was well until I started to fool around with the Chief Justice. I later discovered that he was secretively taking anti-retroviral drugs without informing me and I felt very betrayed”Mary Kwamboka quipped.

“My husband has never forgiven me because of this. What I worked for very hard has been reduced to dust just because of this man who wanted to use me because of his status in the society” she added amid tears.

Onyancha alleged she met the CJ in 2013 during a church function where they started a romantic relationship.

The affair, according to the woman, brought forth a child whom the CJ has refused to help in parenting and her attempts to seek legal actions against the top judge have failed.


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